Mission Statement

The Sam Viersen Family Foundation was founded in 1987 by Oklahoma oilman and philanthropist Sam K. Viersen, Jr. The foundation board is made up of family members and close family associates whose collective goal is to carry on the legacy of significant charitable giving commenced by Mr. Viersen and his parents—Sam and Aleene—years ago.

The foundation endeavors to provide meaningful financial assistance to qualified nonreligious educational, charitable, cultural, and scientific organizations located primarily in northeast Oklahoma, with a primary focus on Okmulgee and Tulsa Counties. In particular, the foundation is especially interested in supporting projects that meet basic human needs—defined as food, shelter, and basic education—and that help dependent people obtain independence. Cultural programs whose aim is to provide cultural enrichment and experiences to those who otherwise would be unable to participate also receive high priority. The foundation welcomes grant requests of any size but aims to provide assistance in amounts of not less than $1,000 or more than $500,000 to any particular recipient on an annual basis.

Organizations satisfying standards described in this mission statement are encouraged to contact the foundation at its offices in Oklahoma or via the website. Correspondence should be directed to The Sam Viersen Family Foundation, Inc., PO Box 702708, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74170.

Serving Okmulgee and Tulsa Counties